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ProDur is short for Prospective Drug Utilization Review. By utilizing our eight point check system listed below, we are able to identify and prevent most drug complications. Government research shows that health effects from the inappropriate use of prescription drugs add about $20 billion to the nation's health care expenses. These preventative steps instituted by the pharmacy will help reduce your overall health care expenditures.


ProDur Eight Points

1. Prescription Drug Duplications

2. Drug to Drug Interactions

3. Drug to Disease State Contraindications

4. Drug Allergy Screening

5. Potential Side Effect Alerts

6. Geriatric Indication/Contraindication Alerts

7. Pediatric Indication/Contraindication Alerts

8. Dosage and Duration Evaluations


We offer three levels of reviews.  The first two are directed towards Assisted Living and the third type is for Long Term Care communities.


1. Off Site Chart Reviews are for assisted living communities and are done off site at RelyCare.  They are done regardless whether requested or not and are directed at providing the resident with the best Family Care.


2. In House Chart Reviews are for assisted living communities and done at the community to insure the resident with the best Family Care and to assist the community in staying compliant with any regulations.


3. Extended Chart Review are the standard Long Term Care, or Nursing Home, reviews done to insure that both the pharmacy and community are meeting Federal regulations regarding patient care.


See below for more information.


Other Services Available to the Community


MAR Reports: a computer generated monthly medication administration report for each patient.

Daily Deliveries: Monday - Saturday delivery times determined by you.

Consulting Pharmacy Services: chart reviews can be performed at an additional cost per patient, or per hour.

Medication Carts and accessories are available if needed.

Other Reports according to your needs (i.e. Narcotic Count Form)

Med Pass Observation

Medication Storage Inspection

Cart Inspection

Medication Destruction


Emergency Boxes when applicable


24/7 Care:


Pharmacist: If an emergency situation should arise when the store is closed, a nurse can reach the pharmacist at anytime, day or night.


Emergency orders for Brighton Gardens will be contracted out to Walgreens and delivered by currier at no additional charge.


Non-Emergency after hours orders are available but may be billable to the community or resident.